Friday, November 14, 2008

big news... if you're 3.

Jon took the boys running the other day after work, and when they got home he let Nate go in the house while he jogged down the driveway to get the mail. When he was half-way down the driveway he could hear Nate yelling at the top of his lungs from the house. "DADDY!!! DAAAAAA-DDY!" He stopped and listened, trying to figure out if Nate was OK. Should he hike back up the driveway and see what was wrong or just grab the mail and then go investigate? Being the smart daddy that he is, he reasoned that if something were really wrong Nate would be crying not yelling, so he got the mail first and then hurried back up the driveway to see what Nate was carrying on about.

Jon: (out of breath) Nate, buddy, what is it? Why are you yelling? What's wrong?

Nate: We switched placemats!

Jon: What?

Nate: Me and Dexter switched place mats!

Jon: That's what you were yelling to me about?

Nate: Yep! He used to have the one with the farm animals and I had the one with the other animals but now I have the farm animals and he has the other one!

Jon: Well, thanks for telling me son.


tiffany said...

hahahahaha awesome!

Lauren Miller said...

This makes me soo happy. Your blog is very cute by the way.