Friday, August 27, 2010

almond joy & mounds


sometimes you feel like a

sometimes you

Sunday, August 15, 2010

they said it

Here's a fresh batch of keepers from my little dudes (and some fun unrelated pictures too).


This one goes out to our Canadian family...

Nate (all excited to fill up the baby pool): OK, I'll be the hoser!


The next few all relate to last week's Vacation Bible School at church. The theme of the week was outer space, as I'm sure you could have figured out from the following...

Nate (very serious): I want to go to space. At VBS they said we could go to space... but they said we have to have moon boots. Mom, do we have any moon boots?

[later that night, during prayers]

Nate: Dear Jesus, please let the store have moon boots.


We are headed off to visit Jon's family soon and Nate has literally been counting down the days. I was trying to demonstrate this to a friend, but apparently he had VBS on the brain.

Me: Where are we going in 7 days?
Nate: I don't know.
Me: C'mon Nate, you've been talking about this every day! Where are we going in 7 days?
Nate (again, very serious): Space?


The church was decorated with all kinds of space paraphernalia for the occasion, including a blow-up alien creature that caught Dexter's eye.

Jon: Whatcha doin Dexter?
Dexter: I'm just looking at this scary fellow.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

lily me

The following happened a few minutes ago. It also might just be me in a nutshell.


Haley spies a bunch of beautiful star-gazer lilies on her parents' front deck.

Haley leans in close to smell the lilies.

Haley experiences a moment of aromatic bliss.

Haley catches her reflection in the window and notices that during said moment of bliss, she has managed to get lily pollen all over her face.

Haley congratulates herself for always having wipes on hand.

Haley wipes her face.

Haley tosses the used wipe in nearby trash bin.

Haley notices that the bin is not intended for trash, and is partially filled with yard waste.

Haley knows the wipe is not biodegradable and feels compelled to retrieve it.

Haley balances the package of wipes in her elbow crook while lifting the trash can lid and trying to fetch the wayward wipe.

Haley loses grip on package of wipes and it too topples into yard waste bin.


Yep: drinking beauty, getting messy, saving face, mixing up, and dropping stuff... that about covers it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

a new list

I was supposed to get a lot done today.

I was going to Target to get all the boys' school supplies.

I was getting the oil changed in the van.

I was taking Dexter for a much-needed hair cut.

I was finishing up a few things for work.

Yeah... I didn't do any of that.

Before I became a mom, there was almost nothing more satisfying to me in life than checking off everything on my to-do list. I still love it, but slowly, slowly my kids have taught me to change my 'list' to fit our lifestyle and priorities. Some items have been removed from the list altogether for the foreseeable future (eyebrow wax? pedicure? hmm, not any time soon). Other stuff stays on there but gets bumped down in importance (showering, for example... just kidding... kind of). But the best change in my to-do list has been all the things my kids have added to it: laugh, tickle, read books, be spontaneous, stop for snacks, tell stories, pick blackberries, take a nap, sing a silly song, the list goes on.

Today the sun was shining when we woke up.

Today we laid in bed together and whispered secrets.

Today we put yesterday's blackberry harvest in our oatmeal.

Today we said yes to a last-minute playdate.

Today I drank coffee on my friend's front porch while the kiddos ran circles around us.

Today we ran through the fountains by the library.

Today we snuggled on the couch and read books.

Today we did everything on our list.

Disclaimer: These pictures are actually from our trip to the fountains last month... today I was too busy enjoying my friend's company and keeping track of all our little ones (6 between us) to take pictures!