Sunday, January 19, 2014

sort it out

Her sturdy fingers move
the wooden blocks 
from bin to floor
and back to bin:
the industry of one
year olds, a crucial task.
It looks like play,

but watch her face:
intent. Intentional,
her focus broken
just for bursts
of brief delight:
The blue block fits
inside the red bin!
And she sees that
it is good.
This is her very work
and she will 
do it well
and long past
babyhood, this careful
sort. Good from
bad, in from out,
meaning from
nothing, created
from Creator.

So sort the bits now,
little sister,
sort it out.
Teach me again
to put things in
right order,
so to find 
the boundary lines,
like blocks and bins,
in all their
pleasant places.