Wednesday, October 29, 2008


what i'm reading: acts chapter 7

what else i'm reading: an amazing article by russell moore about being a single issue evangelical

what i'm eating: sweet potato fries from kidd valley

where i've been: coulon park with friends and kiddos -- slides, swings, hungry ducks, and mom talk.

where i'm going: the grocery store to grab celery, thyme, and bread crumbs for a recipe i'm trying tonight

where i'm going after that: to teach
baby signs class

what i'm listening to:
lamb of God, we fall before thee by joseph hart, music by brian moss

what else i'm listening to:
spookley the square pumpkin by joe troiano

what i'm praying: God of grace, we grieve that the church, which shares one Spirit, one faith, one hope, and one calling, has become a broken communion in a broken world. The one body spans all time, place, race, and language, but in our fear we have fled from and fought one another, and in our pride we have mistaken our part for the whole. Yet we marvel that you gather the pieces to do your work, that you bless us with joy, with growth, and with signs of unity. Forgive our sins and help us to commit ourselves to seeking and showing the unity of the body of Christ. Amen. (from the Confession of Sin at church a few weeks back, also found

Friday, October 17, 2008

50 Things

#19 case-in-point: today's bed-head.

My friend Karen did this and I really enjoyed reading hers, so I am writing my own list.

50 Things About Me:

1. I wear the same jewelry every day because I never ever take it off (tiny diamond studs, a white gold cross, and my wedding rings).
2. Before we had kids, I thought I'd never drive a minivan.
3. I love my minivan.
4. When I left Seattle to go to college in LA, I thought I'd never move back.
5. When I met and married a California boy, I knew I'd never move back.
6. We moved back to Seattle a year and a half ago and we both absolutely love it.
7. Jon and I are both first-born children. Poor Nate is the first-born of two first-borns!
8. Since we are both first-borns, we both like to be right, but Jon is right a lot more often than I am.
9. From ages 13-20, I spent an average of 20-25 hours a week, 50 weeks a year... underwater.
10. I am obsessed with maps. Every time I pull out a road map in the car on a trip, I end up spending hours poring over it.
11. I have poor spatial intelligence (Maybe this is why I like maps - I can't picture geography in my head so I like seeing it on paper).
12. I used to think I wanted to be a teacher. Then a physical therapist. Then a counselor. Then a reading & literacy specialist. Then a teacher again.
13. I don't like the physical sciences.
14. I love the social sciences.
15. When we leave parties, Jon has to tell me we're leaving 30 minutes before he wants to leave because that's how long it takes me to say good-bye to people.
16. I met my best friends in college. We live far apart now, but we will always always be best friends.
17. My swim coach once assigned me 4000 push-ups as punishment for "not doing my best." I injured my biceps tendon on the first 800, so he "let" me do sit-ups instead.
18. I've never been to any part of Europe, but we're going to England for Christmas this year to visit family there and I can't wait.
19. I regularly go out in public with bed-head. With my hair, you just honestly can't tell. At least I don't think you can...
20. If I wear mascara more than once a week, something's up.
21. My boyfriend dumped me right before prom. Well ok, I broke up with him... but he was asking for it! Still, it was sad.
22. I wanted Jon to ask me to marry him at least a year before he did. (See #8.)
23. We prayed for guidance in when to start a family, and felt God leading us to wait 3 years before having kids. Nate was born 2 days after our 3rd anniversary.
24. I had so much fun this summer eating all kinds of "free" food: prunes from our trees, apples from my parents' trees, blackberries from around the neighborhood, veggies from my garden... nothing beats delicious food that you didn't have to buy!
25. When my whole family gets together for dinner, it doesn't take long before we are all quoting our favorite movies and laughing hysterically.
26. I wake up before my kids every morning.
27. I love college football.
28. I really want to be graceful... but I'm not. I love watching dancers and gymnasts because there's no way I could come close to what they do!
29. My dad can still beat me in a 25 yard freestyle race.
30. I want to get a goat in our backyard. I don't really have a good reason for this, just think it would be cool.
31. When I find something I love, even if its something trivial like a great brand of laundry soap, I am passionately evangelistic about it and want to tell everyone how great it is.
32. I am an optimist.
33. There is nothing in the world more important to me than Jesus Christ.
34. My fastest times in swimming are from when I was 15, even though I swam until I was 20. Darn puberty.
35. I am a recovering affirmation addict.
36. We want to adopt a baby (maybe lots of babies?) someday.
37. I have always always wanted to be a mom.
38. I miss school a lot. I miss tests and homework. I don't even know what I would go back to school for, I just know I'd love to go back someday.
39. I think bribery is God's gift to moms.
40. I feel guilty for the same stuff that I tell other people they shouldn't feel guilty about.
41. Jon and I love vegging out and watching TV or movies together. I honestly view this as quality time together.
42. Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Church is my favorite part of the day.
43. My kids eat way healthier than I do.
44. My mom is my hero. I don't know how she does it, she's amazing.
45. I love having people over to our house and I wish we did it more often.
46. When we first moved to Seattle, the sounds of birds and squirrels in the trees of our backyard totally freaked me out. City girl...
47. I would rather go through labor and delivery 5 times than experience the first 4 months of pregnancy once.
48. I love Flaming Hot Cheetos.
49. I am a morning person. I love seeing the sky just before the sun comes up... everything is fresh and new.
50. My kids are probably up from their naps now. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall has Fallen

the ballast fall harvest: figs, tomatoes (fit only for frying), beans, and apples

"mommy, can i sleep here?"

nate checks out a giant mushroom... dexter, mommy didn't forget you!

thanks for your help nate (and mommy)!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dexter's Busy Day

Dexter had a busy day today! First, he had to plan his narrow escape from a dark fate in the pantry:

a comic strip!

Then he got his first hair cut:

Then he started potty training! (If you think we're nuts for potty training a 12-month-old, click here.)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

how quickly we forget

Why is it that election years bring out the worst in people? Over the past few months I have been completely amazed at the utter lack of decency I have observed, NOT from the candidates themselves, but from their fans and followers. It's like suddenly everyone has forgotten everything they know about human behavior, relationships, perspectives, priorities, diversity... All that matters is whether you're voting for my guy. If you are, high 5. If you're not, I will spew hateful judgment upon you while praying for calamity to strike you on the way to the polls so that you can't do the will of Satan and cast your vote for evil.

Seriously, people? That is the phrase that has come back to me over and over and over lately. Seriously? Do you seriously believe that anyone who votes for John McCain is an ignorant, narrow-minded bigot who doesn't care about the poor and oppressed? Do you seriously believe that Barack Obama is secretly an American-hating Muslim who would use his presidential power to carry out jihad? Do you really believe these things?

I feel like doing my own version of the fantastic segment on SNL's Weekend Update: "Really", with Seth & Amy. Really people? Really? So, let me get this straight... if I vote Republican, I don't care about my children's future? Really? And really, if I vote Democrat, I hate unborn babies and advocate homosexual behavior? Really? You can't accept that your neighbor has a different set of priorities from you? Really. Really? You can't understand that every person in this country has a different history, a different story, different needs, different opinions and that does not make them stupid or worthless or ignorant? So, just so I understand you, only the people who think just like you are valuable? Really. REALLY?

I understand that people get passionate about these things. I think that's great. What frustrates me is when a passion for one person leads to the disrespect of another.