Monday, July 6, 2009

motor mouth

Dexter is 21 months old and has plenty to say. If you had followed him around today, here are the conversations you would have overheard.

(general whining and complaining while I buckle him in the car seat)
Me: Dexter, we're going home and you can watch Thomas!
Dexter: (stops mid-whine) Oh! Yeah! Mine watch Thomas armchair Mommy.
Me: You want to watch Thomas in the armchair?
Dexter: Yeah. Mine so happy.

Dexter (to Nate): Picky pocky poo
Nate: What??
Dexter: Mine teasing you Nate.

Dexter: (hitting wall where there is a crayon mark)
Jon: Why are you hitting the wall?
Dexter: Pee-cuz coloring not belong.
Jon: Because the coloring doesn't belong on the wall?
Dexter: Nope!

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The Hyde Family said...

Hilarious!! That kid makes me laugh. How funny that he is teasing Nate, it's usually the other way around. I still love his "pancakes" jokes.