Tuesday, March 2, 2010

they said it

Lately the big topic of conversation between the boys has been God. These cute little heretics like to throw out the word "God" whenever it works to their advantage. Usually this involves disputes over toys:

Boy: Can I have that?
Other boy: No, it's mine.
Boy: Well, all the world is God's.

But it's not always for personal gain - sometimes they're just sharing their thoughts, as in this conversation overheard at the breakfast table yesterday.

Nate: God is the boss.
Dexter: No, God is the man who takes care of the people that are sick.
Nate: (not disagreeing, just adding an idea) God does not do anything that is not OK to do.
Me: (trying to spur on more conversation because hey - this would be good for the blog!) What else do you guys want to tell me about God?
Dexter: Dinosaurs.
Nate: Dinosaurs are really big.



Deborah said...

It's true. Dinosaurs ARE really big.

livingpalm said...

i have officially become addicted to these posts.