Sunday, May 15, 2011

they all start somewhere

Above are the opening 2 chapters of N's first novel.

Things I love about this:

1. The author, who turns six later this month, wrote it without any help.

2. Almost every sentence is exciting! enough! for! an! exclamation! point!

3. All CAPS on the dramatic last words of the sentences. Despite repeated attempts on my part to ascertain the source of this unusual writing technique, the author refused to divulge his influences.

4. References to flora.

5. Mom was not burned after all [sigh of relief].


kari bell said...

and to think this happened BEFORE the usborne party (gasp!) by the way, he get's those repeated exclamation points from you ;)

Laura Lympus said...

OMGosh... Steve and I LOVE this and were laughing so hard reading it...
I love too that the photo is of him snuggled in, sucking his thumb with his little blankie - just to show that almost 6 is still young enough to be a baby but still old enough to write something like that - awesome!

ReSoNate said...

I love THIS! Maybe he's on to SOMETHING!