Thursday, March 8, 2012

everything yes

Is the sun shining?
Will anyone come see our home today?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
Will this turn into a deep, hour and a half long conversation?
Can I still catch the end of Bible study and pray for my friends?
Do you have an hour or two to watch the boys this afternoon?
Can we meet today to talk about the event this weekend?
Isn't this art exhibit amazing?
Should I go to seminary?
Do I have time to squeeze in a run?
Will he take a nap today?
Can we play at Nana and Papa's?
Aren't the mountains pretty?
Can we have a friend over after school?
Do you know what's for dinner?
Can our friend stay for dinner?
Are we staying home and relaxing tonight?
Will Daddy read Narnia to us?
Are the kids asleep yet?
Should we open a bottle of wine?
Is there a new episode of Parks & Rec?
Do you miss having a baby in the house?
Is that a full moon?
Isn't this a beautiful life?

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