Saturday, December 1, 2012

35 weeks

I don't wish it
away this time,
like everyone assumes
we next-month
mothers must:
"Are you just dying?"
they ask with
pinched face and
sympathetic wince.
I am tired, yes.
I am tired, and grouchy,
and uncomfortable.
But I am alive
with life,
full and filled up
in a way I may
never know again.
So I will open myself
to all of it:
as many
days and pillow-tower
nights as I am given
to nurture
to hold
to house and grow
this abundant life,
this bursting blessing.

1 comment:

Tamara Murphy said...

Your words caught my breath this morning. And I'd lost track of your pregnancy -- 35 weeks! Now I'm busy imagining what your little girl will look like and how your boys will receive her. :)
Blessed Advent to you, Haley!