Sunday, September 21, 2008


The older our boys get, the smaller the age difference between them seems. Although there is a huge difference between 1 and 3, Nate and Dexter interact more and more as time goes by. Watching the kids interact usually brings us joy, frequently makes us laugh, and periodically makes us want to pull our hair out. The pictures below all represent instances of joy/laughter producing interaction, but here's a quick story that is firmly in the hair-pulling category:

Last week I was vacuuming the upstairs while the boys entertained themselves - Dexter in the living room with one of his new birthday toys and Nate all over the house with a feather duster. Seeing that each boy was happily engaged in a good and safe activity, I decided to quickly vacuum their rooms. It took me 5 minutes at the very most, during which time I couldn't see or hear either boy. I turned off the vacuum and heard a sound that is scary to any mother: silence. I glanced in the living room and didn't see Dexter, so I headed toward the master bedroom. No sign of them in there, but I decided to stick my head in the master bath just in case (God forbid) they had ventured in there. I will not soon forget the scene I walked into: Dexter was leaning over the toilet while Nate was dipping the feather duster into the toilet bowl and flinging toilet water all over the bathroom. Both boys were soaking wet, head to toe and clearly having the time of their lives. Ahh brotherly interaction.

Playing at Children's Hospital while we visited Courtney, Jesse and Asher

Nate "helping" Dexter figure out a new birthday present

A very rare nap in the car on the way home from Vancouver

Both boys love a good book

Their newest (and my favorite) activity: playing under the table

Cheesing it up at breakfast

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