Thursday, October 2, 2008

how quickly we forget

Why is it that election years bring out the worst in people? Over the past few months I have been completely amazed at the utter lack of decency I have observed, NOT from the candidates themselves, but from their fans and followers. It's like suddenly everyone has forgotten everything they know about human behavior, relationships, perspectives, priorities, diversity... All that matters is whether you're voting for my guy. If you are, high 5. If you're not, I will spew hateful judgment upon you while praying for calamity to strike you on the way to the polls so that you can't do the will of Satan and cast your vote for evil.

Seriously, people? That is the phrase that has come back to me over and over and over lately. Seriously? Do you seriously believe that anyone who votes for John McCain is an ignorant, narrow-minded bigot who doesn't care about the poor and oppressed? Do you seriously believe that Barack Obama is secretly an American-hating Muslim who would use his presidential power to carry out jihad? Do you really believe these things?

I feel like doing my own version of the fantastic segment on SNL's Weekend Update: "Really", with Seth & Amy. Really people? Really? So, let me get this straight... if I vote Republican, I don't care about my children's future? Really? And really, if I vote Democrat, I hate unborn babies and advocate homosexual behavior? Really? You can't accept that your neighbor has a different set of priorities from you? Really. Really? You can't understand that every person in this country has a different history, a different story, different needs, different opinions and that does not make them stupid or worthless or ignorant? So, just so I understand you, only the people who think just like you are valuable? Really. REALLY?

I understand that people get passionate about these things. I think that's great. What frustrates me is when a passion for one person leads to the disrespect of another.


ScottandKarenHyde said...

I couldn't agree with you more Haley!It seems to that this years election has brought out the worst in people. I looking forward to the end of November when hopefully everyone will just calm down!

Bruce Ballast said...


andy said...

Wow. Well said. I think you'll get a lot out of our pastor's next series, "Politicked". We'll send you the DVDs. Or you can check it out online!