Monday, May 25, 2009

stick a fork in 'em.

Parenting Law #367: The level of complete meltdown that children exhibit when they return home from an excursion is directly proportional to the amount of fun they had on said excursion.

We just got back from a great weekend at my family's cabin on Vashon Island. I could post tons of cute pictures of the kids throwing rocks on the beach, playing in the sprinkler, splashing in the baby pool, and roasting marshmallows... but this video really says it all. You might want to turn down the volume on your speakers.


Janelle said...

I LOVE it! This parenting law is so true. Glad you had a great time on Vashon.

Sabrina said...

That was HILARIOUS!!! I remember feeling that way when we got back from Disney World.

tiffany said...

1. the look on your face says it all!!
2. i love how nate can still answer the question even though he is in complete breakdown mode
3. i think it's hilarious that you recorded it!
4. i can't wait!!

Carissa Boyd said...

Ha! In the Boyd house, this law also applies to all birthday parties and other gift-exchanging events.