Tuesday, September 15, 2009

they said it

[In the car today.]

Dexter: Nate, you fly?
Nate: No, I'm not a bird. I don't have wings.
Dexter: Oh.
Nate: Hey, I know! When I grow up I can be a bird! Everyone can be a bird when they grow up.
Dexter: Me bird! Mommy bird!
Nate: Yeah. When we grow up we can be birds and then we can fly anywhere we want.

[a minute later.]

Nate: Mommy, when am I gonna grow up?

Nate wanted to take a picture of me flying like a bird too.


Sabrina said...

Oh, so precious.
Norah had a bad dream about a pirate stabbing her in the back. My bud Erin came over with a bad back ache...Norah looked her over and said reassuringly, "Well, I don't see any pirates."

Haley Ballast said...

i linked to this post in my post today, which gave me a reason to re-read this comment and laugh out loud again... i love it!