Saturday, September 26, 2009

they said it

We have a small lamp connected to a timer in the boys' room. The timer is set for the lamp to turn on around 7:30 AM, and the boys know that they are not allowed to get out of bed until the light turns on, except (for Nate) to go to the bathroom and come right back to bed. (By the way, I fully credit this system for my sanity and recommend it to all those with small people living in their homes.) So the other morning around 7 we heard Nate get up to go to the bathroom and as he left the room he called back to his brother, "Dexter, I'll be right back. Don't do any drama while I'm gone!!"


Nate was sitting in time out yesterday and was not happy about it. You could tell he was trying to show us how mad he was, doing his best angry noises, kicking his legs, the whole bit. Then, in an apparent effort to say something really truly awful to express his frustration (think Samir's road rage in Scene 1 of Office Space), he spit out what I can only assume is the worst string of bad words he could muster: "Grrrrr... Pizza in the mud!"


Lauren Miller said...

too precious. I am so glad you are writing this down!! I hope I can see you sometime soon!

Deborah said...

Pizza in the mud! You'll have to start using that one!

Sabrina said...

That is such an awesome phrase. It really communicates loss. Man, when you get a pizza, the LAST place you want it to go is in the mud.