Tuesday, October 13, 2009

they said it

Time to get the baby book out for a special milestone: Dexter's first lie.

Me: Dexter! Come here, buddy, time to get shoes on.

(he turns around and crawls up the stairs)

Me: (chasing after him and carrying him back downstairs to get shoes on) Dexter, you need to listen to Mommy. I know you heard me tell you to come downstairs and get shoes on.

Dexter: No Mommy, I was upside-down. I couldn't hear you!

I think he maybe meant to say he was upstairs not upside-down but either way it was most definitely a purposeful (though very cute) lie.

I didn't have a picture of him in the act of lying, so here's one of him being goofy at preschool.

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Carissa Boyd said...

This reminds me of my oldest, who, at about Dexter's age told a similar lie. He looked me straight in the eye as I gave him some instructions that he didn't like. "What?" he said. So I repeated them. Still looking me dead in the eye he said, "Umm... I just can't hear you." Ha!