Friday, October 16, 2009

they said it

[While snuggling in my lap at my parents' house, watching - what else? - a Thomas video.]

Me: Dexter, who loves you?

Dexter: Deeza.

Me: Teresa? (his aunt, who was standing nearby)

Dexter: No, Deeza.

Me (hopefully): Jesus?

Dexter: No, Diesel! And I love Thomas and Diesel.

Above: Dexter's beloved Diesel. Below: Dexter playing trains with Aunt Teresa & Uncle Chase.


A few weeks ago, Nate told me he wanted to be a bird when he grew up. Well, that was before Fire Safety Week at preschool. It's all about firefighters at our house these days!

Jon: Tell me about preschool today.

Nate: Well, Teacher K told us that she was in a store and a fireman checked her out... (pause)... kind of like a doctor!

[I checked with Teacher K and got the real story -- She was explaining to the class that firefighters do more than fight fires, so she told them a story about when she was pregnant and got very ill in a store. They ended up calling 911 and a firefigther came and made sure she was OK. The real story is not funny, but we got a good laugh out of Nate's version!]


Laura said...

So cute.

A friend of mine has twins and her facebook status from a while ago was that one of the twins told her she was scared to go somewhere so she said, "Who is always with you when you are scared?" hoping her daughter would say "Jesus" and instead the other twin raised her hand.

Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh, Laura's comment is hilarious!
Since we're sharing: One Halloween the kids were daydreaming about costumes. My oldest said, "I know, I'll be a witch!" And my little one brightened up and said, "Oh yeah! And I will be the little kid who's scared of the witch!"