Monday, May 24, 2010

best laid plans, in which jon teaches the boys about anniversaries

8 years ago today

This morning Jon ducked out the door before the boys and I were up. His plan was to dash to Starbucks and back and surprise me with my favorite drink when I woke up, but it took a bit longer than expected. By the time he got back with my tall nonfat no-whip peppermint mocha (yep, I'm high maintenance like that), the boys were already up and sitting at the table eating cereal. Despite Jon's best efforts to explain that "anniversary" means a day celebrating our marriage, we are pretty sure they now think it is the exact opposite...

[when Jon walked in]

Nate: Daddy! Where did you sleep??

[later, before Jon left for work]

Dexter: Daddy, did you come here just to get dressed?

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jlb said...

Hilarious. Congrats, guys. How many years is it?