Tuesday, June 22, 2010

if I was going to blog today...

I might talk about the incredible new art exhibit at John Knox.

Or maybe the way dialogue in the blogosphere has kicked my butt this week.

Or how verses 5 and 19 of James 1 are helping me recover from the aforementioned butt-kicking.

Or the new trick I discovered to deal with the major bedtime drama we've been dealing with lately.

Or why I get crazy-passionate about something new every 2 years on the dot.

But just-ripe raspberries and teeming tide pools and long-awaited (partly) sunny skies are way more important today than blogging.

So long...


Deborah said...

Raspberries! Hello, I'll stop by for raspberry cobbler this week. Thank you.


The Smith Family said...

Mmmm. James 1. A good word for meditation while doing all those fun summer things. God's word is so life-saving. Sometimes I just want a verse or two to mull over when God is teaching me something new.