Tuesday, June 8, 2010

late spring in seattle: a tale of two days

It's 50 degrees, but it's also Memorial Day weekend. With winter jackets and good ol' Pacific Northwest toughness we're off to Vashon Island.

We took the boat. It was freezing and pelting rain on the way over, but we put on our brave faces and made it there safe and soaked.

I made a mess...

But it's OK because we're at the cabin!

The way home was warmer and drier.

Good driving, Daddy.

It's a Tuesday, but it's also the first warm and dry day for weeks. Let's go boys!

We took the ferry and then hit the trail.

Dexter gives the crows a taste of their own medicine.

This is the first picture I've taken where the mountain appears actual-size.

We walked down to the swing...

...and then all the way up to the point.

Nate took some pictures of me and Dex.

Dexter practiced for his senior pictures, only 16 years away.

We left room.


kbell said...

dexter's senior picture is AWESOME. (i really don't use that word) you have to save that for his "baby" photo for the annual. oh i LOVE it!!

Living Palm said...

i want to go to there.

(plus, the picture of dexter posing = priceless!!!)

Laura said...

Ah! This made me home sick!