Tuesday, September 7, 2010

they said it: football season

Last night we started what will probably become a tradition around here: Family Football Night. Here are some bits and pieces of the dialogues it produced...


Nate and Dexter, wanna watch football with me?

Nate: You said we couldn't watch anything else today.

Jon: Well... we can bend the rules for football. [Gets the kids settled in the armchair with him.] Ok Dexter, the man on the left is Kirk Herbstreit...


Boise State was playing Virginia Tech, but as Jon explained the game to the kids it was easier to just call them the blue team and the black team. Which was fine until a Tech blitz...

Jon: Look at all those black players!! Um... I mean... black-jerseyed gentlemen!


Dexter [after seeing the Tech mascot]: Hey! I just saw Red Robin!


Nate: Daddy, when they all get together and crouch down are they telling a secret of what they should do?


Jon: OK, the referee threw a flag because that was an illegal tackle. The guy was already out of bounds, so the tackle wasn't allowed --

Nate [interrupting, in a teenager tone of voice]: Daddy, I already know what illegal means.


Nate: Look Daddy, it's a helmet with a bunco on it!

Jon: Um... you mean a bronco?

Nate: Oh. Yeah, a bronco!


Dexter: Mommy, someday will you watch me in that game? Someone will tackle me I think. I will run to the finish line!

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Living Palm said...

funny how your sons' questions sound so much like mine...