Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Noticing is a good habit, I think. It can be a remedy for self-obsession... unless, of course, you only notice things about yourself. :) Anyway, here are some things I've been noticing.

The light pink rhododendrons are blooming.

My boys, 27 months apart, are sharing clothes. (Can't decide how I feel about this.)

Reheated rice is not that great.

Board books hurt when they are chucked point-blank at the back of your head.

The grass is growing again.

My children are some of the most forgiving individuals I have ever met. Thank God.

The laundry needs to be folded.

The scent of newly-opened cherry blossoms can drift a long way.

Nothing important seems to happen when (or how) you think it will.

God knows what he's doing.


Tamara @ Living Palm said...

Thank you for letting me notice with you. I'm glad God knows what He is doing because I can hardly ever figure it out until after the fact and then I forget the next time. So I'm glad you noticed this.

I'm also entirely envious of all the spring signs you have out there. We're still buried in snow and ice. Every once in awhile I get a little whiff of warm breeze and it keeps me going another week.

Carissa Boyd said...

I love this. And speaking of flower scents floating along... You posted something a long time ago about being obsessed with your wisteria, so last summer I planted some of my own. This season, it bloomed! So, thank you!