Wednesday, February 2, 2011

they said it


Me: Dexter, are you all done with your cereal?

Dexter: You're a moose fur bagel dog!


Preschool Teacher: Wow, you're smart!

Dexter: Smarty, hearty, party!


[in the car, out of the blue]

Dexter: Only bees are on facebook.



Nate: Mommy, I kind of like that show that's not a kid show where the people sing and the three people watch them.

Me: Oh yeah?

Nate: Yeah. Is that in Hollywood?

Me: What?! You know what Hollywood is?

Nate: Yes, I know what Hollywood is.

[Duh, Mom.]

Me: OK, what is Hollywood?

Nate: It's when you get the yellow paper.

Me: [cracking up and remembering that I let him watch a few minutes of American Idol with me last week] Yep, you're right buddy.


[during prayers last night]

Nate: Please Jesus, help the people in Ethiopia have a good meeting so that Zeke can come home soon. Because I really want Zeke to come home soon.

[Amen to that, son.]


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