Saturday, January 12, 2013

a blessing for my daughter

May your baby days be filled with milk and kisses;
May you learn to sleep through ruckus, nurse at t-ball games, survive your brothers' less-than-gentle love.

May your toddler time be baby dolls and monster trucks, wrestling and tutus, mud pies and sparkly tights;
May your tea parties outnumber your time outs.

May your girlhood be long and innocent;
May your eyes open only slowly to the wider world, that you may greet it with compassion, strength, and wonder, and not be crushed by its cold weight.

May you meet your Savior long before your first love;
May your heart be his before you know how to give it to anyone else.

May his love cover over all the holes that your father and I will surely leave, may it heal the wounds we'll never see, may it bind up the parts we won't know are broken;
May your place in his family supersede your place in ours, even as we try to hold you in.

May you go;
May you come back.

May you come to name your mama among your dearest friends.

May you never doubt my love for you, my dove, my daughter.


Katie Truelove said...

Beautiful:) So happy for you guys:)

Rachel Sarah said...

Beautiful words. And she is such a doll - those cheeks!

Michelle said...

I have your feed in my reader and I love your poetry Haley! This is beautiful and so is she...congratulations!

Laura Cogan said...

"May his love cover over all the holes that your father and I will surely leave." Grace, grace, God's grace. Where would we be without it? Releasing "children" to the great, big world has been one of the hardest things I've ever had to do... Thank goodness He doesn't say "You missed a spot." I do it all too well myself.

Keighly Grace said...

Seriously brought a couple tears to my eyes. Beautiful, Haley!

mary said...

What a wonderful blessing to bestow on this precious new girl in your life.