Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If Mama Aint Happy...

...aint nobody happy.

I've always interpreted this saying to be prescriptive in a way; that is, one should try to keep Mama happy so that everyone else will in turn be happy. But this week the saying has taken a decidedly descriptive nature.

I'm not sure what caused my current case of the "blahs." Maybe one glorious day of summer weather followed by three days of winter? Whatever the cause, I have been grumpy and it is contagious. My two-year-old seems particularly susceptible to Mommy-induced grumpiness, but even the baby has been fussy and off-kilter the past couple of days. I can't quite put my finger on why, and I am too muddled in the head to think much about it.

I wish the saying went more like this: "If Mama aint happy, BE HAPPY." Maybe then I could feed off the happiness around me, rather than wallow in the downward spiral... grumpy, made grumpier by the grumpiness of others, guilty because their grumpiness was sparked by mine, frustrated that their grumpiness made me grumpier even though it was my fault for being grumpy in the first place. Ugh.

Sunnier thoughts to follow (I hope).

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Pat said...

I did find you...hope that it is OK to have a reader that you know...maybe you didn't want to be THAT accountable! Anyway, after reading this, all I can say, is: "Been there, done that", and that's just life sometimes. You write very well-maybe a fourth or fifth career in your next life.
Mom B.