Saturday, April 19, 2008

Urine Ballast Country

So I promised some "sunnier" thoughts after my last post, and you would have gotten those sunny thoughts had I posted on Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday. But today is Saturday and the theme of the day has been urine. Sunny in color, I guess, but otherwise not-so-sunny.

This morning began when Dexter woke up at 6:15 AM , which I can't complain too much about, since it was the first we'd heard out of him since 7 PM. By 6:30 all four of us were in the bed: a baby babbling, a toddler rough-housing, and two adults trying to sleep on 1/3 of a queen-sized bed.

The piddle-fest was kicked off by Nate, who managed to hold his pee all night, only to unleash it all over our master bathroom. To be fair, he did try to hit the toilet. Lots of power, no control. Dexter got in on the act a few minutes later when he peed all over our sheets and my pajamas. This was mostly my fault, since I'm the one who decided his undercarriage needed to breathe after 12 hours in the same diaper. Two hours and two glasses of milk later, Nate unleashed the fury in our hall bathroom - it felt like our entire morning was spent mopping up pee. And now, as I am writing this, Dexter has wet through the cloth diaper draped through his legs and pee is soaking into my pants. I am not making this up. Ok ok, it is my fault again for not putting a real diaper on the kid, but his poor little bum is raw and I thought to myself, what are the chances he'll do it AGAIN? Maybe I'll learn someday. For now, I'll go change my pants.


C.J. and Keri said...

Yay for your blog, Haley! I will enjoy reading it!! Do you mind if we put it as a link on our blog, or would you prefer us not to?
Love you!

reggstyl said...

Love the blog, we miss you guys! Have fun at MOPS tomorrow without me :(