Tuesday, December 23, 2008

this makes me happy.

My friend Stephanie is getting some last-minute shopping done today so her 4 kids are hanging out with us for a few hours. She thinks I am helping her out but it's really the other way around, for two reasons:

1) I was dying 1,000 deaths of house-bound boredom before her kids arrived. We've been in weather-induced hibernation for over a week and I am going stir-crazy.

2) I love love love having extra kids in our house. Just looking at all the little bowls and plates lined up for lunch made me giddy.

So thank you Stephanie, for saving my life today! Hope your shopping is quiet and successful. It's loud and happy around here, just the way I like it.


Brian Moss said...

No, thank YOU Haley...you're the best.

- Stephanie

Carissa said...

I too enjoy the lining up of platters, with each food in it's proper location - the same on every plate - each person's allotment in proportion to their age/size/appetite. It's the only way that makes sense to me. :)