Wednesday, December 3, 2008

today's gems

My funny boy

My mom is always telling me that I should write down all the funny things that Nate says. Here are a few things that made me laugh out loud today:

*We were playing a game where I knock on Nate's bedroom door and when he answers I pretend to be different people who might come to the door (mailman, milkman, Jehovah's Witness, etc... ok not really JW but you get the idea). I knocked and when Nate answered I said, "Hi, I am a repairman. Do you need anything repaired?" Nate thought about it for a second and answered, "Sure I will have a pear!"

*I was out running this afternoon with the boys in the jogger and over the music in my headphones I heard Nate yelling something. I turned off my music to hear him yelling, "Mommy! I'm lucky!!" (Why are you lucky Nate?) "Because I saw a garbage truck!!"

*On the run Nate asked me to pick him a dandelion. He smelled it and said, "Mmm, Mommy this smells like a candy cane!"

*At dinner he said, "Can I please have some more vegetables?" Ok this one isn't funny, but it made me supremely happy so I thought I'd record the moment!

I love that kid.


The Hyde Family said...

So cute! Who knew that garbage trucks were lucky? We are hoping to come to Seattle for New Years. Any chance you are going to be in town? We would love to see you guys!

Haley Ballast said...

Oh we'd love to see you guys... but we get back from England on 1/5 (Jon's sister and brother-in-law are living there so we're going with his whole family for Christmas). If you're still here we should get together for sure!