Monday, December 15, 2008

this morning's breakfast table conversation

Nate: Mommy, what's a status book?

Me: What? What are you talking about Nate?

Nate: A status book!

Me: Are you trying to ask 'what is a facebook status?'

Nate: Yeah! What's a facebook status?

Me: (laughing) Well, Nate, a facebook status is something that tells you what your friends are doing.

Nate: Oh.

[5 minutes later]

Nate: Wonder what Jake is doing. (Jake is our 3-year-old neighbor)

Me: I don't know - maybe he would want to play in the snow with us.

Nate: What's the status... face... status?

(at this point I lose it and laugh for 2 min)

Me: (still laughing) Um I don't think Jake has a facebook, Nate!

Nate: Do we have a facebook?

Me: Well, Mommy does but you don't.

Nate: Wonder what Adam is doing.

Dexter: Lela!! Lela!!

Nate: Yeah, wonder what Lela is doing.

Nate using the "Friend Finder" tool to see if Adam and Lela are on facebook.


The Hyde Family said...

So funny! Jackson was taking pictures the other day around the house and I asked him what he was doing. He said, "taking picture so I can start my own blog." He was pretty mad when I told him that he was not quite old enough yet!

Colleen Anita Hamilton said...

hahahah that kid never ceases to make me laugh! You must have such fun days with your boys :) You're one lucky lady