Monday, February 23, 2009


Today I spent almost four hours laying strips of tape on the floor of the chapel at church. It would have been a lot quicker if I had the spatial intelligence of the average 5th grader... but sadly I do not. When my spatially gifted helpers showed up we made real progress though, and the end result was beautiful.

When I first heard the term "labyrinth" I pictured something like a giant maze with walls or room dividers or something of that nature. Nope, it is just the labyrinth pattern laid out in tape on the floor with different stations at intervals in the path. (If you're not familiar with using a labyrinth as the framework for interactive prayer journey, learn more here. )

The labyrinth experience at our church will be open throughout the course of Lent. If you're reading this and you live in Seattle, I highly recommend that you come check it out.


Sabrina said...

We are going to be coming through in August for a wedding. I'll get to experience some of your awesome weather! I've never been to WA or OR.

Deborah said...

Well if you're not going to have a centaur, you should AT LEAST have a minotaur. It's tradition!

Phil said...

This looks really cool.The link of the one in the UK mentioned an audio track that you listen to while you walk through at your own pace. Is that what you guys are doing?

Haley Ballast said...

S -- August is the PERFECT time to be here. Absolutely glorious.

D -- if you call me before you go through the labyrinth i will dress up like a minotaur and stand in the middle.

P -- Yes, it has an audio guide that you listen to on headphones as you walk through. Here is the link to the kit we are using, put out by Group Publishing. It comes w/ the instructions, CDs, participant booklets, and leader guide. I did it a couple years ago at SAPC for the Youth Staff retreat and it was really cool, so I'm hoping for a good experience this time as well.

Deborah said...