Sunday, February 22, 2009

the oscars according to nate

We've all been hanging out downstairs this evening: me on the computer, Dexter and Nate playing, and Jon playing with the boys, while half-watching the Oscars.

Dexter is 17 months old, so naturally he loves nothing more than toddling around finding buttons to push. The TV button is one of his favorites. It gets him lots of attention and also makes a pretty picture appear or disappear when he pushes it. What could be better?

So tonight, while Tina Fey (in a shiny dress) and Steve Martin (in a nice suit) were in the process of presenting the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, Dexter made a move toward turning off the TV. Nate saw him about to push the button and cried out, "No, don't do that Dexter! They're getting married!"

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