Tuesday, June 2, 2009

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Searching for the perfect throwing rock

The following has been an almost-daily conversation at our house lately, especially while we're in the car or out on a walk:

Nate: Mommy, today I'm searching for [fill-in-the-blank, could be garbage trucks or ladybugs or yellow ducks].

Me: That's great, buddy.

Nate: What are you searching for Mommy?

There is something about the innocence in his tone that makes my breath catch in my throat. Of course I could answer with any number of acceptable (if not totally truthful) responses: shooting stars, stop signs, or swimming pools would all suffice. But when his sincere little four-year-old voice asks that question I have a hard time lying to him. I usually pause, buy time (um... well, that's a great question Nate. Let me think about it for a minute.) and wonder.

What am I searching for?

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Lauren Miller said...

Can I make an appointment with Nate?

I am excited to see you and your family at Vashon this summer. thanks for sharing your thoughts.