Tuesday, June 30, 2009

lake chelan

Here are some pictures from our camping trip to Lake Chelan last weekend. We went with a group of about 160 people from our church and community.

Nate w/ his buddies Gabriel & Isaac

s'more education

s'more elation

Bedtime: they stayed like this for about 5 seconds before bounding out of their sleeping bags and bouncing off the walls of the tent. it looked pretty funny from the outside. thank goodness they tuckered out quick, especially after we put them in separate tents.

I was promised that it would be the easiest camping trip ever and I was not disappointed! We had a great time and will definitely do it again next year. If you live in the NW, come join us!


amy said...

I am majorly impressed! How did you handle naps? None??

amy said...

I have been trying to get Garrett to agree to camping, but he thinks it's too early for Curran...what do you think?

Haley Ballast said...

Naps went way better than I anticipated. We had 2 tents and put the boys down separately and they both slept HARD for over 2 hours. I was shocked... but they played so hard that they were beyond worn out by nap time. This trip was made much easier by organized group meals -- we got assigned to bring paper products, so we ended up eating 5 great meals without even having to bring a cooler! It was wonderful. I don't think Curran is too young -- anytime after they start walking is good in my book. Good luck!!

Jennifer said...

We took Finley camping when he was 16 months old and it was a nightmare. He ran all over the tent for almost 3 hours before he fell asleep.

Glad your boys got some rest. We'll have to try it again now that he is older.