Thursday, July 15, 2010

summer goal

Nothing against my dining room table, but when real, honest-to-goodness, popsicle-eating, shorts-wearing, sprinkler-running summer finally made it to this corner of the country, we stopped eating at it. I've made it my warm-weather ambition to serve more meals outside than in: at the pool, on the T-ball field, in the backyard, anywhere the sunshine finds us hungry.

This morning we had a few guests -- all the more reason to have breakfast outside.

Take your time, Toby.

P.S. If you read between the lines of this post you find out: 1. My cooking skills are lacking (If you can serve it in the car on the way to Target, can you really call it a meal? Um... in my world, Yes.) and 2. I'm lazy (eating outside = no crumbs to vacuum and no table to wipe). :)


Sabrina said...

They'll remember the meals outside more than what you made...

Carissa Boyd said...

So true... My boys LOVE having picnics on the lawn, and they still talk about the trampoline picnic we had two years ago. :)

I'm glad your summer is in full swing! Speaking of swings... Do you guys ever go to Lincoln Park?