Thursday, July 22, 2010

they said it: deep thoughts, by nate

My five-year-old has been thinking some deep thoughts lately. I love it.

[at breakfast the other day.]

Nate: Mom, when are we going back to California?
Me: Not for awhile. Why?
Nate: I don't want everything to change before we go back.
Me: What would change?
Nate: Everything. [pause] The thing I really don't want to change is Splash Mountain.

waiting in line with friends at splash mountain in june.

[walking a trail near our house. for the uninitiated, salmonberries are similar to raspberries and are native to the NW.]

Nate: There are no salmonberries today.
Me: Yes there are, I see one way up there.
Nate: That's too high for anyone to reach. [pause] Why would God make a salmonberry grow where no one can reach it?

after his last swim meet of the season.

OK one little Dexter story too:

This morning he was staring at himself in the back of his spoon and singing "I love you! I love you! I love you!" Yeah, no self-esteem issues there.

this is normal at our house.


Rachel Ann said...

Well, Splash Mountain IS important.

Sabrina said...

I absolutely love the salmonberry comment...awesome. I always picture God cracking up at these things.