Saturday, August 14, 2010

lily me

The following happened a few minutes ago. It also might just be me in a nutshell.


Haley spies a bunch of beautiful star-gazer lilies on her parents' front deck.

Haley leans in close to smell the lilies.

Haley experiences a moment of aromatic bliss.

Haley catches her reflection in the window and notices that during said moment of bliss, she has managed to get lily pollen all over her face.

Haley congratulates herself for always having wipes on hand.

Haley wipes her face.

Haley tosses the used wipe in nearby trash bin.

Haley notices that the bin is not intended for trash, and is partially filled with yard waste.

Haley knows the wipe is not biodegradable and feels compelled to retrieve it.

Haley balances the package of wipes in her elbow crook while lifting the trash can lid and trying to fetch the wayward wipe.

Haley loses grip on package of wipes and it too topples into yard waste bin.


Yep: drinking beauty, getting messy, saving face, mixing up, and dropping stuff... that about covers it.

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