Friday, August 13, 2010

a new list

I was supposed to get a lot done today.

I was going to Target to get all the boys' school supplies.

I was getting the oil changed in the van.

I was taking Dexter for a much-needed hair cut.

I was finishing up a few things for work.

Yeah... I didn't do any of that.

Before I became a mom, there was almost nothing more satisfying to me in life than checking off everything on my to-do list. I still love it, but slowly, slowly my kids have taught me to change my 'list' to fit our lifestyle and priorities. Some items have been removed from the list altogether for the foreseeable future (eyebrow wax? pedicure? hmm, not any time soon). Other stuff stays on there but gets bumped down in importance (showering, for example... just kidding... kind of). But the best change in my to-do list has been all the things my kids have added to it: laugh, tickle, read books, be spontaneous, stop for snacks, tell stories, pick blackberries, take a nap, sing a silly song, the list goes on.

Today the sun was shining when we woke up.

Today we laid in bed together and whispered secrets.

Today we put yesterday's blackberry harvest in our oatmeal.

Today we said yes to a last-minute playdate.

Today I drank coffee on my friend's front porch while the kiddos ran circles around us.

Today we ran through the fountains by the library.

Today we snuggled on the couch and read books.

Today we did everything on our list.

Disclaimer: These pictures are actually from our trip to the fountains last month... today I was too busy enjoying my friend's company and keeping track of all our little ones (6 between us) to take pictures!


The Smith Family said...

Ohhh, love this post! So glad you decided to drop your to-do list for some fun in the sun.

Our lives are so much richer because of you!

Laura said...

A lot of the time when I read your blog posts I marvel at how much alike you and I are and wonder why I never realized that when we were growing up! I am definitely going to have to remember this one and use it as advice in the future - it is going to come in handy - I'm due March 6th!

Haley Ballast said...

Wendy, what a sweet thing to say - I can say the same about you too! :)

Laura, first of all -- CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting! I never knew we had so much in common either... too bad we live so far away now, but maybe if you bring your little one to visit next year we could get together!