Sunday, August 2, 2009


Here are a few slices of priceless conversation with my boys over the past week or two, as well as a few more summer photos.


(At midnight on one of our last nights in the hospital, Dexter is totally thrown off schedule and still hasn't gone to sleep. Obviously he was getting to the point of delirium.)

Oh! Smell something!
Me: You smell something? What do you smell?
Dexter: Owl!
Me: You smell an owl?
Dexter: (grabbing my hand and trying to pull me out of bed) Yeah! C'mon Mommy!


(A few days after coming home from the hospital. Apparently the whole experience was not so bad for him.)

Dexter: Mommy, mine go hospital watch Nemo and Thomas?
Me: You want to go back to the hospital?
Dexter: (grinning) Yeah! Watch Nemo and Thomas!


(Before a recent outing I told Nate he could bring his backpack with a few toys in it.)

Me: (in the car) So Nate, how many toys did you put in your backpack?
Nate: Hmm... Hard to say.


(At my parents house after church today.)

Hey guys! Question for you!
Us: (laughing) What Dexter?
Dexter: Um... Bouncy Place! [the name of an indoor playland we love]
Papa: Toothpaste?
Dexter: No, BOUNCY Place! You know that Papa?


Playing with Papa

My darling nephew Noah

Taller than me, and probably sweeter.

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