Monday, August 10, 2009

they said it

If you don't care what cute things my kids have said recently, ignore this and all subsequent posts titled "they said it."

My first periodic post series. I am so proud.

Nate (talking to my cousin): I'm a big boy, I'm four.
Dexter: Mine big boy too! Mine five!

Dexter playing with trains.
Jon: Dexter, time to come upstairs and eat dinner.
Dexter: OK Daddy. Bye bye Thomas! Bye bye James! I love you!

After dinner, headed down the stairs.
Dexter: Thomas! James! I'm coming back!

Standing on the changing table after a diaper change, eye level with me.
Dexter (spontaneously gives me a hug): I love you mom.


Dexter showing Uncle Chase and his college buddies his Thomas the Train sticker book. Kid who can't say the letter R + steam engine named Percy = hours of immature entertainment.

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