Friday, August 28, 2009

they said it

This picture is a year old. I guess some things haven't changed.

[Yesterday afternoon. Back yard.]

Me: C'mon Nate, it's time to go to Toys R Us.
Nate: No, I can't!
Me: (very surprised, since he loves Toys R Us) Why not?
Nate: Because I have to go pee on this bush!


[This morning. In Dexter's room, changing his diaper.]

(quietly singing and mumbling from his room)
Me: (loudly, so Nate can hear me through the wall) OK, you can get out of bed now!
Dexter: Mommy, why you talking to the wall?

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Caroline said...

Hi Haley! My mom just bought us this cute little book called "My Quotable Kid"...and we have been trying to write down all the funny things Alex says. I'm sure you keep a lot of these somewhere. But, if not, a book like that is a great idea!! Your boys are too cute!