Sunday, December 20, 2009

better than our promises

Our engagement photo, circa 2001.

We had a glorious weekend in LA for our dear friends' wedding. It felt like a family reunion in many ways: laughing, telling stories, eating, dancing, bickering good-naturedly. The warm sun coupled with deep friendship to do good work in our souls.

I had the privilege of being a bridesmaid in the wedding, so I had an up-close view of the bride and groom as they spoke their vows to one another. In that moment, the words of a Sara Groves song came to my mind: Better than our promises / is the day we got to keep them / I wish those two could see us now / they never would believe how / there are different kinds of happy.

I thought about my own wedding day and the words we spoke, having not the faintest idea what we were saying but knowing that we would find out together. And we have. It has been beautiful, enriching, painful, and redemptive. There are different kinds of happy and, as Sara goes on to say in the chorus of the song, it's a sweet, sweet thing.

Congratulations Matt & Tiffany! We pray that your marriage is richly layered with different kids of happy for decades to come.

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