Monday, December 14, 2009

things that do not happen in LA

I do miss the sun once in awhile, but these 2 stories are just a tiny slice of why I absolutely love living where we do.

Two summers ago we were out on a walk in our neighborhood. Dexter was just not quite a year old at the time, and so naturally was in the habit of pulling off his socks any chance he got. When we got back from our walk I noticed that only one of his cute little yellow USC socks had made it home with us. I was bummed, as we don't have many stores here in Seattle that carry USC stuff (go figure). A week later we were at the local pool and another mom came up to me holding Dexter's sock! "We saw it on the sidewalk by 4th Avenue [about a mile from our house] and knew it must be yours," she told me.

On his way home the other day Jon was stopped at an intersection about 1/4 mile from our house and noticed a kid's glove hanging from a nail on the stop sign. He thought it looked suspiciously familiar, so he grabbed it just in case. Sure enough, the lonely mate was stuffed in Nate's jacket pocket - the other one must have fallen out on our bike ride a day or two earlier. Which means someone saw it, picked it up, and hung it on the stop sign just in case its owner passed by there again.

Oh, I do love it here.

For the record, the raccoon family that lives in our yard is NOT one of the reasons I love living here.

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