Monday, December 14, 2009

they said it

[Today in the car.]

Dexter: What are you eating Mommy?

Me: I'm drinking coffee, sweetie.

Dexter: Mom, when I'm two and a half, can I drink coffee just like you do?

Me: Um... I don't know about that...

Dexter: Then I will be big and strong.

[Today at the grocery store, Dexter sees a display with a 2 foot tall Pillsbury Dough Boy. I swear this was totally unprompted and I've never called him a dough boy... to his face anyway.]

Dexter (pointing at the dough boy): Look Mommy! It's just like me! It's just like me!

1 comment:

Anja said...

Oh that dough boy story is so, so sweet!

I love these 'they said it' posts, by the way. Also like the others though, especially those reflections, on beauty for example, and just all those parts of this thing called 'life'. Appreciate them, thanks.