Tuesday, December 29, 2009

they said it

We are thoroughly enjoying a week of rest, play, and family time at Jon's parents' house in Michigan. Nate and Dexter have quite an audience of grandparents, aunts, and uncles and they have not disappointed!


[Upon coming upstairs, directed toward Grandpa]

Dexter (loudly): Is anyone looking for a grandson?


[Nate got a Nerf gun from Aunt Keri and Uncle CJ. He was playing with it downstairs as we were about to gather the whole family together to sing Christmas carols.]

Jon: Nate, come upstairs - it's time to sing some songs about peace on earth.

Nate: Peace on earth? OK, I'll put my gun down.


[Referring to the pig-in-a-blanket that Dexter was trying to eat with a spoon]

Me: Dexter, you have to use your hands to eat that.

Dexter: It's too hot! Mommy, will you roll it up and pour soup on it?

I have no idea where my kids get this stuff, but it does provide good, cheap entertainment!


livingpalm said...

cute! (especially loved "anyone looking for a grandson?")

i realized that i don't have your email address so hope you don't mind me commenting on another subject here. do you attend any retreats or conferences each year OR do you plan to attend any in 2010? would love to meet you in person.

Haley Ballast said...
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Haley Ballast said...

duh... forgot to include MY email: haleyballast@gmail.com