Tuesday, April 20, 2010

iphone photo fun

I am pretty sure my phone still works as a device by which I can communicate audibly with another person... but its other functions (like the camera) are much more valuable to me most of the time. I love being able to capture the goofy stuff that happens in our daily lives without saying "Stay just like that, Mommy has to go grab the camera!" Sure, they're not the greatest pictures ever taken, but they will help me remember what 'a day in the life' was like at this stage of motherhood. I mean, I won't always walk by the bathroom and see a scene like this:

...or pirate face contests at the breakfast table

...or epic swing and stroller experiences

...or strawberry shortcake whipped cream beards.


Travis Thompson said...

Uncle Chase will be so proud of the pirate faces.

the bells said...

never really thought your boys looked alike but their pirate faces are identical!

The Hyde Family said...

Such cute pics Haley! I heard your good news! Congratulations. It sound like she is the same age as Ellie? I hope that everything goes well. We will keep you in our prayers!