Thursday, April 29, 2010

new to me hymnody

I didn't grow up singing a lot of hymns, but over the last few years they have become a integral part of how I worship God. As much as I love the old classics (Be Thou My Vision, Great Is Thy Faithfulness, How Great Thou Art, etc), some of my very favorites have been written in the last decade.

Here are three albums of hymns that I've been listening to and loving this month. Some are new, some are old, some are old words with new music -- all are good!

In Feast or Fallow
Sandra McCracken

Help My Unbelief
Red Mountain Music

Hymns II

Download Hymns I by Page CXVI for FREE this week only! If you're in the Seattle area and don't have big plans for Pentecost already (5/30), come to John Knox Presbyterian Church at 9 AM, 10:45 AM or 7 PM for Pentecost worship services led by Page CXVI.


Micha said...

Just bought Sandra McCraken's new cd this past week and I've been loving it. And, of course, our worship leader used to be the lead singer for Red Mountain Music. (They led music at our church retreat a couple of months ago. Amazing.) Therefore, I will take your advice and check out Page CXVI. Because, let's face it, if you like it, I do too. :)

Rachel Ann said...

Have you ever listened to Christopher Minor, "All Good Things Come From the Desert"? So good.

Haley Ballast said...

M -- Ohhh so jealous RMM led worship at your retreat! And I'm glad to hear you like the new Sandra McCracken too. We are doing "Petition" (track 1) in church this week. So good. Page CXVI is good too but a bit of a different sub-genre of hymns I guess you could say. Let me know what you think.

RA -- No, but I shall now that you recommend it! :)