Tuesday, April 13, 2010

they said it

(No connection to this post, just a classic Dexter face.)

I'm reading "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" to the boys before bed. I get to the peacock page...

Dexter: Mommy, what's a peacock?

Me: (pointing to the picture) It's this big bird with all the pretty-colored feathers.

: How does THAT happen??

Pretty fair question I guess.


The kids and I are at a new friend's house. She has cooked us a beautiful traditional Ethiopian meal and we are all eating.

Me: (to the hostess) Oh wow, my husband is going to be so jealous that we are eating all this delicious food!

: I ate a lot of jealous when I was sick Mommy!

Jello, buddy. That was jello.


After asking me several pressing theological questions, Nate thought for a minute and summarized my responses like this:

"So, God is God... and Jesus. And Jesus is Jesus... and God. There are two names but they are connected?"

I think he gets it better than I do.


Nate's prayer from a few nights ago:

"Thank you God for my brother. Thank you that I have clean water. Thank you that I have a mommy and a daddy. Amen."


livingpalm said...

oh, good grief, the beautiful way their minds work!
(p.s., I've eaten plenty of jealous at times...)

Carissa Boyd said...

I love the "classic Dexter face" and all the rest. Kids are amazing!