Friday, April 2, 2010

they said it

Dexter, watching Ice Age and marveling at Sid the Sloth: "He walks in the snow... without any boots!"


We had been talking about our adoption at the dinner table. After a pause in the conversation, Nate asked, "When our new brother or sister comes home, will they turn into a Ballast boy or girl?"


Nate and his buddy Sam were playing in our living room, sorting through all their Easter candy loot from the egg hunt at preschool. After lots of exclamations about different kinds of candy, Nate turns to Sam and says, "Sam, did you know that Easter is not just about candy? Yeah. Easter is really about Jesus." Preach it, kiddo!

Opening an Easter package from Mimi & Grandpa


Last night on Maundy Thursday our church service included an opportunity for foot-washing. Jon, Nate, and I got to wash each other's feet (Dexter was in the nursery). Nate thought it was the most exciting thing he'd ever done and couldn't stop grinning the whole time. Looking at his smiling face as I poured the water over his feet, I knew God was telling me: Love and serve your child, and you will be a delight to him. It was a special time for our family. When I was tucking the kids in that night, Dexter asked "Mommy, did you wash the feet?" When I told him we had, he gave me a big frown and whined, "But Mommy! I want you to wash MY feet!!" I just thought it was so funny that both kids were so into it without really knowing the significance... Maybe we'll make it a family tradition on Maundy Thursday so they can learn more about what it means as they get older.

We didn't get to wash his feet last night, but we did tickle them today.


Carissa Boyd said...

Meaningful comment: I love the idea of washing the family feet. I'm putting it on my calendar for next year, so I don't forget!

Shallow comment: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sweater.

Haley Ballast said...

Thanks Carissa! Glad you like the idea AND the sweater (Old Navy). :)