Friday, March 20, 2009


My dad has been seeing kids of all ages in his office for 25 years and he once told that 18 months is his very favorite age. I have to agree. It is so amazing to watch Dexter's personality come out as he learns to communicate more. His new favorite word (which almost makes me want to cry, it's so sweet) is 'thank you.' Every time I give him something - food, a toy, or his precious Bear-Bear - he says, "Oh! Ank-oo Mommy!" I could eat him up.

The other fun thing about this age is the way his communication has become so much more interactive and conversation-like. A friend watched the boys for me this morning while I was teaching, and by the time I picked them up and got them home it was nap time. Dexter was laying on the changing table with Bear-Bear, grinning up at me while we had this conversation:

Dexter: Toby house!

Me: Yeah, you were at Toby's house. Did you have fun?

Dexter: Yeah.... Sam!

Me: Yep, Sam was there too, wasn't he? What did you do?

Dexter: Play!

Me: Oh fun... what did you play with?

Dexter: Ock-uh-bus!

Me: Ock-uh-bus? (Then, remembering a little octopus toy I saw at their house) Oh! Octopus! Did you play with an octopus?

Dexter: Yeah! Ock-uh-bus!

[At this point the conversation dissolves into tickles and kisses and giggles and all the best stuff about being this boy's mama.]

μακάριοι (makarios) = supremely blessed.

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