Thursday, March 19, 2009

this and that

Here are a few Ballast family tidbits from the last week or so:

Dexter: We had his 18 month check-up yesterday, confirming what my biceps have known for months: our child is huge. 31 lbs, 34.5 inches, 95th percentile for both. When I texted Jon with the stats, this was his response: Time to start working on the three point stance. (That's a football reference for all you non-sports types.)

Nate: A few days ago we're in the car and, out of the blue, Nate says, "Mommy?" (Yes, Nate?) "I think we should get a new baby soon." I'm glad he's weighing in on these decisions! Relax people, no news. One more funny thing that came out of his mouth recently was "Phew, I'm glad that's over!" as he was walking out of the bathroom... Where does he come up with this stuff??

Jon: Just got back from 4 days in San Jose for SNUG, which is a big conference - a lot like SXSW. Except that one has music, art, film, celebrities, and parties, and one has lots of engineers talking about how to design digital hardware using Synopsys tools. However, both are four-letter acronyms for big events that happened this week that start with the letter S, so they're almost the same.

Me: Since my birthday a few weeks ago, I have been happily saturated in new books and music and art. I can hardly know what to read, listen to and look at first, but that is a great problem to have. Also, I chopped my hair off a few days after my birthday and I love it. Oh and finally, I can't find the camera right now (kinda freaking out) so all the pictures in this post are courtesy of the camera on our computer.

Now you're all caught up. :)

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Carissa Boyd said...

I love it. "Glad that's over!" ;) I hope you find your camera soon!