Saturday, March 7, 2009

two songs

Zephaniah 3:17 by Mark Lawrence

Both are black, but one is soulful
Deep and dark though rightly so
Sparse and meager, slowly steadfast
Driven by a distant glow

Rhythmic as a pilgrim's footfall
Treading on toward holy land
Pulse and silence interspersing
Notes played each by heart and hand

Joined by countless faceless voices
Lifted, on our common way
To Golgatha and beyond it
Night becoming endless day!

Yet there rings a strain concurrent
To this Lenten journey's song
Both are black, but one is doleful
Dissonant as clanging gong

Eat and drink! it fiercely urges
We know what tomorrow brings
Distance yes, but light extinguished
Famine follows feast, it sings

How can I walk both directions?
Going right still facing wrong
Hands on ears in futile protest
Asking for a different song

Quiet now, my child and listen
Hear the melody anew
Saving might and love rejoicing
I am singing over you

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Steven said...

great poem, Haley...thanks. -Steven